• Cloud 7 Systems INTRODUCES PrintMatics

    The best Workflow Management software in the Large and Grand Format printing industry. From sales quote to invoice, PrintMatics will ensure you have the highest profit margins possible with the least amount of stress.
    Stop letting the day manage you. Start managing the day!


  • It's All About The Flow

    That’s what we specialize in. Flow. You could even say we are the Flow Masters of the large, wide and grand format printers and special graphics shops.  Our workflow management software, PrintMatics, was designed specifically for the Large Format printing industry and we’ve written it with one thing in mind, your bottom line. Helping you integrate a seamless process that increases profitability by reducing costs and improving productivity is what we are all about. From Accounting to our unique Z-Link ordering system, we’ve got your bottom line covered. The only way PrintMatics could do more for your company is to sing you a lullaby and tuck you in at night!


  • The Future Is Here!
    (and with it came lower profit margins)

    Remember the good old days when a minor misquote meant one less martini at lunch instead of unprofitable order? You can’t run a Large Format company on today’s profit margins with yesterday’s technology.  Making money in today’s economy means quoting a job on the spot with precision accuracy. PrintMatics lets you do just that. 


  • Who Says You Can’t Have Your
    Cake And Eat It Too?

    Are you concerned about running your entire business from a cloud but have better things to do with your capital than invest in even more IT infrastructure? PrintMatics’ hybrid technology strikes the perfect balance between data security and web convenience by blending both internet and intranet .data access in the manner best suited to your individual company’s needs.

  • Cash For Clunkers?
    Not in this business!

    Large and Grand Format printing is BIG business. Fast paced, high end, sophisticated, and streamlined - that’s what a company has to be to survive in this industry. It can’t afford to lose time and spend frustration on clunky ordering systems that bog down as the database grows. PrintMatics is built on a .Net framework. With its clean lines, intuitive data entry, resizable screens, IntelliSearch features, maneuverability, and more reports than a high strung English teacher could read over winter break, it’ll earn you money in the time employees spend working rather than pulling their hair out!

  • Be Yourself.  Everyone Else Is Already Taken.
    ~Oscar Wilde

    No two print shops are alike and one size doesn’t ever really fit all. PrintMatics is designed so that you can adjust its functions to fit your company’s particular needs. Production Nodes can be attached to sub-departments, orders or items, allowing for continuous order tracking and management flexibility within your production facility.

  • But Captain, I’m Givin’ Her All I’ve Got!


    We’ve all been there. It’s four o’clock in the afternoon. Two people didn’t show up for work today. Someone ordered one roll of vinyl instead of ten by accident. And you just found out your new salesperson promised your biggest customer a one day turnaround on 47 banners, yesterday.  What’s a manager to do? (Besides crawl under the mounting press and hide).  With PrintMatics you won’t have these kinds of days.  From Production Monitors to inventory controls, sales quote monitoring, production scheduling controls, real-time reports, and production nodes that can be adjusted for unexpected setbacks, production managers have all the tools they need to see bottlenecks before they happen, and not in the reflection of a midnight scotch-and water.

  • Go Big Or Go Home!

    Big is what we do, whether you are David’s Diminutive Displays or Golliath’s Grand Graven Images, we can give you the software that will not only do your big output right but will make the right profits big! You can buy it just the way we make it or we can make it just the way you want it because when you score big, so do we! 

  • Z-Link!

    PrintMatics allows for the creation of an ensemble of pre-designed graphic inventory and service products that can be ordered by or for one or several drop ship recipients.  The main office (or Franchisor) can create a menu of items, attaching images, descriptions, links, or even a video, to any or all of them, and then post the items to all (or some of) the chain locations (or Franchisees). The locations can have individual ordering capability as needed, or a blanket order can be entered by the main office for some or all of the individual locations.  Purchase orders can be linked, either to the individual location ordering, or to the items being ordered, for all locations as desired. 
    Basically, it’s Garanimals for Graphics!

  • That’s a Wrap!

    When you’re done, you are not really done.  Once the product is printed, there’s still installation or shipping, inventory adjustment, and accounting.  We can’t help you on the installation part, that’s on you, but we can make sure you have a proper shipping label, adjust your inventory for the material used, bill your client, and handle (or export) your accounting information.  Then, you’re done.  Would you like us to sing that lullaby now?   


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